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Direct Mail Evolution Features

New! LEADMatch

What is LEADMatch? You never knew who came to your website from your mailing… until now. Direct Mail Evolution is bringing you an advanced measurement solution system able to track and record exactly who visited your website as a result of your mailing, regardless of whether or not they took an action. In addition, LEADMatch gives you the opportunity to mail to website visitors who came not as result of your mailing.Wouldn’t you like to know who visited your website as a result of your mailing? Direct Mail Evolution now has an advanced measurement solution able to track and measure the effectiveness of all media including direct mail.

HOW LEADMatch WORKS: One pixel to measure all! Our pixel enables data collection and delivery of postal addresses when placed on a webpage.What does this do exactly? You can:

  • Get a list of who came to your website from the mailing list
  • See a list of what actions they took on your website
  • Mail to unique visitors who came to your website who weren’t on your mailing list.
  • Never guess how effective your direct mail campaign was ever again!

Informed Delivery

With Informed Delivery® integration, your mailing piece will be enhanced with a clickable full color ad within the greyscale email preview sent by the USPS every morning. Your customers will see your piece and know that it’s arrived – and you will be able to track where Informed Delivery® emails have been opened!

Call Tracking

The call tracking feature of Direct Mail Evolution allows you to track exactly how many calls you receive from each campaign and listen to recordings of the phone calls to ensure your reception and sales process is running smoothly. Calls are directed to your phone but recorded and tracked through call tracking software.

Online Followup

When prospects receive their mail piece and go to your website, but don’t take any action, they are captured through our online follow-up system. Then when they leaves your website and browse elsewhere, your ads show up on the Google network of over a million websites, directing them back to your website.

Mail Tracking

The mail tracking feature shows you the predicted date for mail delivery, as well as the actual delivery dates. This gives you the ability to line up additional staff as needed. It also gives us the tools to show you that your mail was delivered as promised.

Social Followup

Take your online follow up even further with our new addition of social media follow up through Facebook! Keep your business in front of your prospects everywhere they go! Facebook has just reached its record high 1.65 billion monthly active users and this number is climbing every day. This new Social Media Follow-Up feature lets you achieve maximum exposure to those people interested in your product or service.

Social Match

SocialMatch is your mailing list’s new best friend. We can now take your mailing list and MATCH them with their Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Now your target market will see your ad on their Facebook & Instagram newsfeed BEFORE the mail piece even reaches mailboxes and without them having to even visit your website. On average, we can match 40-60% of all mailing lists—including B2B!

Increased Exposure. Improved Results.

Direct Mail Evolution gives you the best of both worlds: effective marketing utilizing digital and direct mail to ensure no lead is left behind. Direct Mail Evolution utilizes 7 technologies across the most effective channels that integrate with direct mail and get YOU the best results.
Plus, when you incorporate Direct Mail Evolution into your next campaign, you can receive a 2% discount off on your postage costs.

How It All Works Seamlessly Together

Direct Mail Evolution operates on 4-step process, where regular direct mail only operates on one. It is not a suite of services, but a seamlessly integrated system that maximizes your marketing impact. Instead of just sending out postcards, Direct Mail Evolution consists of Postcards, Mail Tracking, Online Follow Up Ads, and Call Tracking.


Your mail piece is sent to your target market. Direct Mail is a tried and true marketing medium that produces results by delivering your artfully designed and clearly written message right to your prospect’s mailbox.


Your mailings are tracked with cutting edge barcode technology. Using a custom designed system, we track the mailing process of your order. This allows you to know exactly when your mail pieces are due to arrive in prospects’ mailboxes. This helps you plan for the influx of new customers.


Your new leads are funneled into an automatic follow-up system. Using the Google Display Network, text and image ads matching your campaign’s design and offer follow your website visitors around the internet after they leave your site. So if leads don’t take the desired action (fill out a form, buy, etc) on your website the first time, you stay in touch. No leads left behind.


We give you the tools you need to keep improving your response. We use a unique phone number to track the number of calls your mailing generates. You can use this data to gauge the effectiveness of different strategies and marketing messages. It also records calls so you can check for quality in your lead reception and sales processes.

Integrate Direct Mail with Digital Marketing for Improved Results…

Case Studies

Just a few success stories from businesses using the DME system….

With 6,500 postcards mailed, Top Hat Tuxedos received 77 unique phone calls —that’s a lot of phone calls—and 249,047 views of their Google follow up ads. Can you imagine if half of those calls closed? With the cost of a tuxedo rental averaging $141, they would make $5358!
Top Hat Tuxedos

After mailing 5,500 direct mail pieces twice, The Cycle Shop received 145 unique phone calls and their online follow up ads were displayed 14,955 times to the prospects who visited their website! Their phone was ringing off the hook!
The Cycle Shop

Truck ECM received 233,485 online ad impressions which resulted in 241 click-backs to their website and 38 unique phone calls. They also reported an in-crease in online sales so, its fair to say that this campaign was a complete success

Truck ECM

McEachern Dental, with a targeted list of 5,000 households with children age 2-17, generated 317 calls and 108 new patients, resulting in $22,000 in revenue. Plus they gained 840 followers on Facebook and 116.144 online ad impressions!

McEachern Dental

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